Ezuwan Ismail


Fatimah Mohsin

Organic, logical, complex, beautiful: Fatimah Mohsin’ creations draw on her deep relationship with materials (and her inspirations from travels and culture). With flowing lines, beading, filigree and generosity, she plays in the spaces between, creating wearable works of art.Her attention to detail when it comes to design is truly immaculate, as nothing escapes her attention.

“I changed the way I was working to pursue a more personal approach to my work, challenging myself with only the humble attempt to simply make a living doing something that I loved.”

An icon in bridal scene, Fatimah Mohsin reckons her journey with full of passion and dedication. With her touch, perfection and beauty prevails.For Fatimah, without exception, the more she deals with the work as something of her own, as something that is personal, the more successful it is as something that’s compelling, interesting and sustaining. Where others might look at measurable results, she tends to be interested in more ethereal qualities, like “Does it bring joy?” and “Is there a sense of wonder?”



FIZIWOO principle of fashion is ‘Less is more’; incorporating sleek and clean design but retaining the femininity and softness of material in order to balance their creation. With the mix of architecture and fashion background of the designers, the understandings of balance, proportion and texture are impeccable as the designers are always in search for elegance, chic and timeless creation.

Fuzana Mokhtaza

Fuzana Mokhtaza learned to sew by enrolling in an established sewing school in Alor Star at the age of 15 and has been making her own dresses since 2006. After gaining good remarks from her customers and huge support from her family, Fuzana went on to start her own line FuzanaMokhtaza in July 2011, right after completing her Part I Architecture Degree. Her finishing touch is always with lace, pearls, beads detailing and drapes. FuzanaMokhtaza is a label that you would always remember for its attention to details and affordable range.




Immaculate craftmanship is a work culture at Jubahsouq. Our in-house designer team selects only the best fabrics all around the world to create statement pieces of clothes which are second to none in production house quality. Taking the opportunity to interpret Muslim fashion in its own way and by encouraging its customers to use their imagination to combine its collections, it is able to fill the streets with women who radiate a unique and personal style.


Liza Azulkarnain

SHE was born and bred in KL and became fascinated in fashion designing since her school days. She took formal lessons in fashion design at Setapak vocational school and after schooling, enrolled at IFTC KL, graduating with a Diploma in Fashion Design, Pattern Drafting and Cutting, Not contented with her credentials, she took a bold step by enrolling at the Paris American Academy in Paris, France.




Rizman Ruzaini is a well-known high end fashion house and extremely popular in dressing celebrities especially in the local entertainment and fashion industry. Their brand is known as the new luxury in authenticity and unconventionality. The strong identity of the Rizman Ruzaini brand has evolved over the years without ever forgetting its roots. An unmistakable style and brand whose essence lies in its contrasting features.




Shanell Harun


Wajie Ibrahim

It started from just a home based online fashion business back in 2011, Wajie Ibrahim is now one of the known fashion brand that caters individual fashion needs.

In 2013, a first Wajie Ibrahim physical boutique has landed at Johor bahru, where it's immediately turn the brand from an online business to a mess production costume made couture wear.