ARDA PUTRA humble existence started in January 2014. Their first inaugural appearance was at the Kuala Lumpur Arts Performance Centre. After a successful year, ARDA PUTRA launched its first Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 2015 Ready-to-Wear Collection in Zalora, the popular online fashion retailer in Malaysia, and today ARDA PUTRA has launched a total of 3 collections in Zalora. In August 2016, ARDA PUTRA made it to the centre stage of Malaysian Fashion Calendar by being part of the auspicious Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week RTW 2016.




Iconic and a Malaysian high-end fashion company – Cosry Wise (M) Sdn Bhd was founded in 2005 by dynamic duo founders Ariff Quasri, an accountant turned fashion entrepreneur and Putra Aziz, an Indonesian-born and Malaysian based acclaimed fashion designer.

The company started with its humble beginnings as a door-to-door tailoring service to a small group of special customers, which has now grown into a successful company that has established numbers of fashion lines under their belt, such as Cosry Couture, Papillon by Cosry and Cosry for Men. Being at par with A-list fashion brands in Malaysia, Cosry Wise (M) Sdn Bhd is dedicated in creating universal appealing apparel with high quality materials, intricate handcraftsmanship and embellishments that exudes a touch of elegance and class for empowered women of all status.

Euless by Celine Ooi

Celine Ooi, the artisan behind Eleusis believes that the right fabric is the key to accentuating a bride’s silhouette. After spending almost a decade working with textile, Celine has developed great interpretation in fabrics. This allows her to work magic in her crafts, sculpting every bride’s dream gown into reality. The collection reflects Celine’s love for timeless elegance, with emphasis on designs to embrace the curves and sensuality of the bride. In year 2010, Eleusis begun their journey of creating beautiful wedding gowns. Known for their sophisticated approach and exquisite detailing, Eleusis is now a sought-after name internationally.

Ezuwan Ismail



FIZIWOO principle of fashion is ‘Less is more’; incorporating sleek and clean design but retaining the femininity and softness of material in order to balance their creation. With the mix of architecture and fashion background of the designers, the understandings of balance, proportion and texture are impeccable as the designers are always in search for elegance, chic and timeless creation.

Fuzana Mokhtaza

Fuzana Mokhtaza learned to sew by enrolling in an established sewing school in Alor Star at the age of 15 and has been making her own dresses since 2006. After gaining good remarks from her customers and huge support from her family, Fuzana went on to start her own line FuzanaMokhtaza in July 2011, right after completing her Part I Architecture Degree. Her finishing touch is always with lace, pearls, beads detailing and drapes. FuzanaMokhtaza is a label that you would always remember for its attention to details and affordable range.




Immaculate craftmanship is a work culture at Jubahsouq. Our in-house designer team selects only the best fabrics all around the world to create statement pieces of clothes which are second to none in production house quality. Taking the opportunity to interpret Muslim fashion in its own way and by encouraging its customers to use their imagination to combine its collections, it is able to fill the streets with women who radiate a unique and personal style.


Liza Azulkarnain

SHE was born and bred in KL and became fascinated in fashion designing since her school days. She took formal lessons in fashion design at Setapak vocational school and after schooling, enrolled at IFTC KL, graduating with a Diploma in Fashion Design, Pattern Drafting and Cutting, Not contented with her credentials, she took a bold step by enrolling at the Paris American Academy in Paris, France.




Liza Azulkarnain

Mimpikita when translated means "our dreams" in our national language, Bahasa Malaysia.
Running a fashion house is what us Zulkifli sisters have aspired and dreamt of having.
We started mimpikita because we wanted to create clothing that would reflect us as individuals and ones that are carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality is achieved.


Qudyn’s Collection has always become an electrical phenomenon in Malaysia’s Fashion Industry. His magical touch has created such glorious apparels which have become the talk of town by all the fashion critics, fashion buyers and celebrities due to the outrageous innovation brought by this talented young designer. His apparels managed to park a high benchmark of his career in the fashion industry and due to the positive feedback from the fashion critics and his fans. His passion in fashion has made him to think far enough outside of the norms to create another crème de la crème of his collection. This new born collection shall be another front page stories in the newspaper and a viral in the social media.


Rizman Ruzaini is a well-known high end fashion house and extremely popular in dressing celebrities especially in the local entertainment and fashion industry. Their brand is known as the new luxury in authenticity and unconventionality. The strong identity of the Rizman Ruzaini brand has evolved over the years without ever forgetting its roots. An unmistakable style and brand whose essence lies in its contrasting features.




2012 marks Syaiful's 10th anniversary in the fashion industry. Soft-spoken and shy, this award winning designer is the creative force behind Syaiful Baharim Atelier and is well known for high fashion wedding and evening creations, traditional and Muslimah garments and batik resortwear. Syaiful has dressed members of the royalty, celebrities, the well heeled VIPs and the most consummate of fashionistas, and has shown his collections in Jakarta, London, Manila, Singapore and Sydney.

Immediately recognizable for his crisp and tailored look, Syaiful injects modern and urban touches breathing freshness and modern sophistication. It is no wonder that Syaiful appeals to the fashionable woman who appreciates beautiful well-made clothes that stand out.



Tsyahmi is known for its finesse and beauty in forms that follows function principle, while reinforcing classic timeless colour palettes in complementary fabric-play with wearability comfort in mind.

Under the leadership of the award-winning, Kuala Lumpur’s influential fashion designer, Tengku Syahmi, the brand continues to thrive on its sophisticated aesthetics.


VARIYAN gets its name from Leslie Variyan, the undisputed master of ready to wear and one of the leading representatives oflocal style and creativity in the world of fashion and luxury. VARIYAN is full of understated chic and all about exquisite culture. Artisan touch and intricate embroideries are used throughout the collections to create the ethereal and timeless VARIYAN aesthetic.