Mimpikita x Harriston


The Wedding KL brings together a cohesive array of wedding creatives under one roof for patrons to plan and customise their special occasion. With each passing year, the event platform brings over 8,000 designer’s customers, creating links and bonds that last a lifetime -- echoing the true representation of the meaning of a wedding.

This year, The Wedding KL sees the renowned and strongly-adored brand Mimpikita have a sponsored show segment in partnership with Harriston Chocolates. Harriston is a homegrown brand established by a family of dedicated chocolate makers. Harriston chocolates are carefully packed in aesthetically and thoughtfully designed packaging, where buyers are able to unfold stories through the process of consuming the chocolate. Inspired by a nation endowed with diverse cultures and heritage, captivating tropical flora and fauna, along with its ever-evolving lifestyle, Harriston chocolates is a feast for the eyes and palates as well as an inspiring treat to the inquisitive mind.

A uniqueness of the brand allows for clients and customers alike to customise the print on the chocolates, which can be readily used for weddings giftings, hantaran ideas, and so much more. Their ability to print designs onto their chocolates makes for a great partnership with Mimpikita, a brand well known for their intricate and stunning prints.

Don’t forget to check out more on Harriston and Mimpikita’s during their show happening 7PM on the 25th of January 2019 at JW Marriott KL.


Fiziwoo x Bonia

With every wedding, all elements are worked and planned together to create the dream effect of a fairytale wedding. Most brides prioritise their venue, their guest experience, and of course -- the dress.
However, Bonia and Fiziwoo are here together to show you that there is more to the wedding than just the dress. Of course, the best dress brings together your confidence and the allure of the wedding -- but styling all your pieces together, especially the bag, creates the full effect of a stunning and luxurious bride, especially at the Wedding Dinner.

Don’t forget to check out the amazing experience Fiziwoo and Bonia are bringing to guests at 9PM on the 25th of January at JW Marriott KL.


Meeracle x Ezuwan Ismail

Meeracle is the leading skincare brand in the market and has recently become the Official Skincare for The Wedding KL 2019. With over 4 years in the industry and over a thousand users, it has proven itself as a brand that’s intent on growing stronger and stronger each year.

This year, Meeracle will be presenting the Ezuwan Ismail show, to express their flawless beauty alongside the bold creativity and elegance of the bridal collection of Ezuwan Ismail. Moreso, Meeracle will be representing their mission as the beauty solution provider and empowering women.